How to spot a fake Brisbane sugar daddy


How to spot a fake Brisbane sugar daddy

There are a lot of good places where to pick up a rich sugar daddy in Brisbane, such a diverse and fun place it is inevitable that it is going to get sugar daddies’ attention. There is a chance however; you could wind up with a FAKE sugar daddy. Unfortunately, there are men who pretend to be something they are not. The purpose of this short article is to help you on how to spot a fake Brisbane sugar daddy.

Sadly, these men will try to use this pretence to their advantage and meet young women who are drawn to men who enjoy the finer things in life and are financially secure.

Don’t fall victim to this scam. Learn to weed out the imposters from the real ones. Keep these pointers in mind.

  1. Observe his actions

If he tries to rush into a full-fledged relationship, there is a likelihood he’s in it for his own gain. A real sugar daddy will take his time and not hast into a decision; after all he didn’t get rich because he rushed into decisions. A real sugar daddy will take time to get to know you.

  1. What is his motivation?

Is he placing a lot of attention on issues of sex? It could be an indicator that he is a fake sugar daddy. Be wary because a man who is too focused about sex than anything else, he’s just probably in it for the sex, and he’ll fake it till he gets it. One way to filter him out is to attempt to change subject or to wait a while to meet him again. If he disappears from the picture, you got your answer.

  1. Study his appearance

Even before you meet, if you met through a sugar daddy site, look at his pictures. Are they too posy and fake? Make sure you see a few pictures before you meet and insist he sends you other pictures different from his profile pictures.

When you meet in person, another clue might be that he doesn’t look the part. A real sugar daddy will carry himself in a certain way; have a certain flair and conducts himself with class and style.

  1. His assets

A real sugar daddy will drive an expensive car, take you to fancy restaurants, treat you to luxury day spas and put you up in luxury hotels. He means to spoil you at every chance he has. The sugar daddy that examines the restaurant bill, looks at the price tags and general hesitates about any financial expense, you have all the right to red flag him.

  1. The arrangement

 Be wary of the sugar daddy that tries to pay-per-visit arrangement. He also shouldn’t be making demands about what he wants or expects. Never let anyone pressure you into anything, ensure at all times you are comfortable.

You should have a mutably beneficial arrangement that must be discussed before hand.

If you find a sugar daddy that insists on giv­ing you a set amount of money every time you see each other, he’s either naïve or has no idea what he’s doing. In any case, be care­ful of what you’re get­ting into.

Most important trust your gut feeling and use your judgement to figure out whether you are looking at a real or fake sugar daddy. If you feel there is something not quite right, you are probably right, so act on it to your best interest.